“The treatment I have had at Manor Dental Health has been a great success, from visiting to have impressions to having the re-contour process. The service given by Nick and the very caring and efficient ladies was absolutely superb. Thank you all. It has been well worth it and excellent.”

- K.B
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Before you opt for destructive traditional crowns or veneers, ask us about composite bonding for less invasive, stunning results.

Black Triangles

Manor Dental Health principal dentist Nick Allday is passionate about dentistry that seeks to conserve as much natural tooth tissue as possible. Some cosmetic treatments, such as traditional crowns and veneers, require the teeth to be prepared and some of the enamel removed.

Nick is experienced in the use of a tooth-coloured filling material, called composite that he can artistically apply to transform and rejuvenate your smile.

As we get older our gums naturally recess slightly – hence the phrase becoming long in the tooth. This can result in dark spaces appearing between our teeth that can make our teeth look old, regardless of how healthy they are.

  • Before
  • Before

If you have black triangles that you feel detract from your otherwise healthy teeth, please talk to Nick, as he can help rejuvenate your smile with composite.

This treatment helps re-form the tooth, closing the black triangles and improving your appearance. Treatment is much less invasive and expensive than veneers or other more traditional cosmetic restorations and can truly deliver on the promise of modern composites: minimally traumatic and minimally invasive restorations tailored to every tooth.

Black Triangle Dental Care Treatments Hull
  • Transforms and rejuvenates smiles
  • Much more affordable than crowns or veneers
  • Experienced and sympathetic clinician
  • Minimally invasive alternative to traditional cosmetic restorations
  • Can be tailored for each tooth
  • Closes spaces and eliminates black triangles

Preserving healthy tooth tissue and improving smiles

Re-contouring with composite is ideal for re-shaping any spaces between the teeth and reducing the black triangles and dark spaces between the gum line and your teeth. Nick’s aim is to preserve as much healthy tooth tissue as possible but sometimes it may be necessary to remove some tooth substance.

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