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Dental Health Tip

The impact of gum disease on our bodies is significant. There is evidence that gum disease can be linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, strokes and premature births. We firmly believe that neglecting our oral health is not a risk worth taking.

Enemy Within

Gum disease can be silent and its effects can creep up on us. The early stages of gum disease are reversible so it is essential they are caught and dealt with as early as possible. This is why regular hygiene appointments with the dedicated team at Manor Dental Health, Hull are so vital. If gum disease is left for a number of months, its effects become permanent.

Our team provides a comprehensive approach that includes detailed questioning and time to get to know you, leading onto an initial diagnosis, followed by a thorough plan to ensure you are returned to full dental health - and are able to maintain this for the rest of your life.

Our style of dentistry focuses more than usual on education and teaching our patients how to care for their health between visits. Dental diseases not only cause active tooth decay but also progressively destroy the supporting structure of the teeth, leading to their loss.

  • There are 20 billion bacteria living in our mouths – both good and bad.
  • More than half the population has active gum disease and doesn’t know it.
  • Bad breath, bleeding and inflammation of the gums are telltale signs of gum disease.
  • The toxins caused by gum disease are leaked into the blood stream and have been linked to life threatening illnesses such as strokes, heart disease, lung infections, diabetes and problems with pregnancy.
  • Non-smokers are 20% less likely to suffer from gum disease.

Know thy enemy

This is a plaque sample from someone who only uses an electric brush but who never flosses or uses interdental brushes. Most people would fit this category.

The small less mobile bacteria are the youngest ones. The more mobile they are the longer they have been in your mouth. Their mobility comes from little tails (flagella). The worst ones are the bacteria that spiral around. These are called Spirochaetes and can be very damaging to gums.

Working together to fight gum disease

We now know what causes dental diseases and know how to control and cure them. We firmly believe that everyone wants to and can enjoy lifelong dental health once they realise it is possible. Our job is to work together with you to show you how.

If you’re worried you might have gum disease, contact Manor Dental Health, Hull, via our contact form, or call our friendly team on: 01482563593

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