"Cheerful, enthusiastic and well informed - you are always sure to have a good experience when you visit Nick Allday and his staff at Manor Dental Health. They have always made me feel relaxed and have treated me with care and respect at every visit.”

- R.N
Dental Health Tip

Dental health reviews are sometimes called routine appointments. They are anything but routine – and are vital for long-term dental wellbeing.

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Dental Health Reviews

Your 18-point dental health review and gum care appointment is a team effort between your nurse counsellor, dental therapist and dentist. It includes a medical history, which is important because there are lots of medical conditions and medications that can affect the health of your mouth. We need to know about these to accurately assess your state of health and your risks for the future.

You will see that our Dental Health Reviews are incredibly thorough. Afterwards, we will explain all of our findings, provide you with a health status and detail your future risk of dental decay, gum disease and oral cancer. We will also recommend when we would like to see you again and explain any treatment plans and associated costs in detail.

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  • 1. Medical update
    • a. Are you taking any pills, potions, lotions, infusions or using an inhaler?
    • b. Have you been to a doctor or hospital since we last saw you?
    • c. Could you be pregnant or menopausal? Your answers here might give us reasons to pay particular attention to an aspect of your dental health – in particular, your gum health, which we now believe could be even more important than we ever thought before.
    • d. Any heart or chest problems, diabetes, arthritis or Alzheimers? We ask this because we now know that gum health may be related to some of these conditions and it might make it more important that we look after your gum health if you or anyone in your close family has these conditions.
      • a. Do you have any allergies?
  • 2. Other risks and your social history
    • a. Is there anyone else in your household with gum conditions? Gum disease is contagious and genetic – so it might be particularly important that we look after your gums.
    • b. Do you smoke? This will make it more important that we look after your gum health, as smoking makes it more likely that you will have gum problems, and both smoking and gum problems can make it more likely that you could have heart problems. Also, you must promise that you will never miss an appointment with us, as we must screen you regularly for oral cancer.
    • c. Alcohol consumption. If your drink more than 21 units per week, you are in a higher risk category for oral cancer. If you smoke and drink alcohol, you are at a much higher risk for oral cancer.
  • 3. Any problems with your mouth at all?
    • a. Have you noticed any lumps or bumps inside your mouth or red or white patches that haven’t healed? Mouth cancer is on the increase and we need to help you modify any risks. We carry out a mouth cancer assessment every time we see you.
    • b. Any head, neck or shoulder pain? Are you aware of any grinding or clenching?
    • c. If crowns – any taste, movement or smell that you’ve noticed?
  • 4. How do you look after your mouth at home?
    • a. Do you use electric or manual toothbrush? How often do you use it?
    • b. Do you use anything between your teeth? How often?
    • c. Do you use mouthwash? How often and when?
    • d Have you noticed any bleeding?
  • 5. Snack attacks check
    • a. How often do you have sugar attacks in your mouth/eat or drink anything with sugar?
    • b. And how often do you have fizzy drinks or fruit? It’s not how much, as far as we’re concerned, but when and how often. You are better keeping these food and drinks to mealtimes.
  • 6. Plaque control check

    You will be asked to show us how you use floss or TePe brushes so that we can make sure you are doing so correctly.

  • 7. Blood pressure check

    This is for screening only and if your results are high or low, we may recommend you pay your doctor a visit.

  • 8. Plaque activity check

    Here is an example of a particularly nasty plaque sample under the microscope to show how active plaque bacteria can be.

  • 9. Are you happy with the appearance of teeth and gums?

    Your smile is important for lots of reasons. We offer a full range of treatments to improve the colour and appearance of your teeth and the health of your gums. Whether it’s a niggle or a decision to finally do something about a smile you may be dissatisfied with, we will find a solution to suit your budget and lifestyle.

  • 10-18. Physical examinations to assess dental wellbeing
    • 10. Health of jaw
    • 11. Health of muscles
    • 12. Health of glands
    • 13. Health of the inside of the mouth
    • 14. Health and stability of the teeth– including wear
    • 15. Health and stability of restorations
    • 16. Health of gums. Your previous gum scores will be compared. If you have gum problems you are more likely to have a cardio-vascular incident and those with diabetes find it more difficult to control their disease. There is also growing evidence linking gum health with other conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimers, so we as a practice are taking no chances, and insisting on keeping our patients very dentally healthy.
    • 17. X-rays will be taken, if clinically necessary, to check the health of the areas inside, under and between your teeth and also the health of your bone.
    • 18. Health of the bone levels

Your dental and overall wellbeing is our passion

Nick Allday is the ultimate professional – talented, caring, good-humoured and courteous. He will go that extra mile to accommodate a patient’s wishes if he believes it to be in their best interests. I am extremely lucky to have found him and his practice, which is very efficiently run by a staff team dedicated to patient care: they are informed, courteous and friendly. Indeed, after moving to Hull seven year ago from Shropshire, I have periods of homesickness but having Nick as my dentist is one very strong reason for not returning there to live. Nick knows that I have a horror of losing my teeth even at the age of 69 years and he is prepared to do all in his power to avoid this. Indeed, he was my inspiration and mentor in helping me to give up cigarettes after 40 years of smoking! He is kind, generous with his time and always empathetic. I thank him sincerely for accepting me into his practice.

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