"I have been very impressed by the patience, dedication to detail, knowledge of his profession and the caring attitude of Nick Allday. The making and fitting of my full set of new dentures was a real challenge to Nick as I have a very awkward bite. I did not want people to notice I had new dentures and I wanted them to look completely natural. That is exactly what has been achieved and I am delighted. Nick took a lot of time to give me my smile back and I am very grateful"

- E.M
Dental Health Tip

It is still very important to book an annual dental health check and oral cancer screening – even if you have no natural teeth left.

Cosmetic Dentures Hull Manor Dental Health

Cosmetic Dentures

Good dentures can improve your quality of life. At Manor Dental Health in Hull we aim to surpass your expectations and make sure you are perfectly happy with your dentures, that you have an attractive appearance and can eat comfortably.

As we get older the colour of our teeth changes and they gradually darken. Dentures, where the teeth are too white, too uniform and too perfectly spaced, are an instant giveaway. Advances in denture teeth and bases mean we can now offer more natural-looking teeth, to include tooth shades that look realistic.

  • Eat comfortably with well fitted dentures
  • Natural tooth shades and gum shapes
  • Highly realistic results
  • Enjoy an even bite in all directions
  • Aftercare that’s second to none
  • Stronger plastic that’s more durable
  • Implants for extra stability
  • Interest-free finance to help spread the cost

Our dentures are intended to more than just copy your existing set. We will compensate for the shrinkage of your gums over the years and put your mouth back to how it might have been had you kept all of your teeth; which is a difficult task but one that we relish. We use a special technique to take the impression of your gums and carry out a complex procedure to record your bite.

All of our dentures use a high impact plastic, which means they are less likely to break should you drop them. The gums are shaped to look like natural gums. The teeth are of the highest quality and have been chosen for their natural appearance and the range of colours and tooth moulds available.

Nick was not in his own practice when he became my dentist. I am so pleased that I followed him when he opened his own practice and am grateful for the detailed care and attention he has always given me. His skill and perseverance in designing and fitting a new denture were exceptional. Treatment is always thorough and first rate. Nick and his staff always put me at ease

An exceptional denture service

We will probably require six visits to make your dentures, compared to the traditional four that most practices require. After fitting the dentures we would like to review you at one week and one month following fitting to make absolutely sure you are happy.

There is no substitute for your own teeth for both appearance and function, and making dentures that perform as well as natural teeth is one of the most difficult challenges of modern dentistry – and one that we enjoy.

If you would prefer not to wear dentures or you find them uncomfortable, if you don’t want to be restricted by what you can eat, or if you would simply prefer a longer lasting solution to a gap, please consider dental implants and implant supported dentures.

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*Made with an injection moulding technique and bite is recorded with a special articulator so that you have an even bite in all directions.

If you think dentures might be for you, contact our Hull dental practice via our contact form, or call our friendly team on: 01482563593

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