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Following the government’s announcement, the team at Manor Dental Health is delighted we are now able to see our patients face to face again.

We are closely following all the guidance we have been given. At the moment this means a reduced range of treatments that we can provide. Please feel free to call us.

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  • I wake up with no headache

    Following years of headaches, neck pain and stiff facial muscles caused by night time teeth grinding and cheek clenching, Nick suggested I try an upper mid line splint.

    I was asked to wear the splint at night. For the first few days I was somewhat sceptical since I didn’t feel much effect to begin with. However, in the coming days I gradually began to feel as though my facial muscles were beginning to relax. I have now gone from suffering 3-4 headaches per week to a total of 2 in the space of 3 weeks!

    The device is comfortable to wear and I hardly notice it is there. Because it is moulded to fit my teeth, the fit is great so no fear of swallowing it in my sleep! It is such a good feeling to wake up in a morning with no headache and no achy face. Many thanks Nick and team.

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