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  • Adult braces - well worth it

    Firstly I would like to say how pleased I am with the results of my new teeth! I had been advised to fit a brace when I was younger but was always too scared. It was only when I was told by my dentist that I could have problems as I got older that I decided to have the brace fitted. Mr Allday told me it would take approximately one year and he was right, that was all it took. I was very impressed. All the staff at Manor Dental Health were really supportive and I always felt welcome there. I can’t find any fault in the full year’s treatment I received. The results were well worth the wait and I would advise anyone to go ahead and have a brace fitted after my experience. Once again, thank you Nick.


  • Nothing was too much trouble

    I have no complaints about the treatment I received, the staff were very pleasant and friendly and although I had to make several return visits because of irritations due to my lower denture, I was always seen quickly and nothing was too much trouble for Mr Allday.


  • Put at ease immediately

    I was very satisfied with the treatment I received from Nick and his staff, who put me at ease straightaway as I am of a nervous disposition. Thanks a lot.


  • New dentures gave me my smile back

    As a patient at Manor Dental Health I have been very impressed by the patience, dedication to detail, knowledge of his profession and the caring attitude of Nick Allday towards me. The making and fitting of my full set of new dentures was a real challenge to Nick as I have a very awkward bite. I made it clear to Nick on my very first appointment that I did not want people to notice I had new dentures and that I wanted them to look completely natural. That is exactly what has been achieved and I am delighted. Nick took a lot of time to give me my smile back and I am very grateful. I am very happy to recommend Manor Dental Health. Thank you Nick and staff.


  • Dental implant treatment is definitely worth it

    I have recently had a dental implant. From the start to completion the treatment took three months and during this time everything was explained in detail at every step of the way. The care and commitment from every member of the dental team was excellent. I experienced the absolute minimal pain and discomfort. Anyone who has any doubts about whether to proceed with treatment I would highly recommend the Manor Dental Health team – the end result is definitely worth it!


  • Painless extraction

    I found the staff very helpful and professional and they put me at ease as I was quite nervous and had not had a tooth extracted for many years. Mr Allday is extremely good and I also feel at ease in the surgery. I felt no pain having the tooth out and was amazed when it was all over. I can highly recommend Mr Allday and his team for excellent service and consideration.


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